Dog leash reflectors

Velcro leash reflectors

Note: This is a paid review. read more to learn how you can win a five-pack of leash reflectors.

Last weekend I was driving my car around a corner after dark and a neighbor’s Australian shepherd ran about 10 feet in front of me. I’m thankful I was driving so slowly, because I’m not sure I would’ve seen the dog otherwise. The owner was trailing behind on a retractable leash, totally oblivious to what could’ve happened.

The thing is, I walk my dog Ace around that same corner every day. It’s dark when we head out for our morning walks. It’s dark when I take him out in the evenings. this time of year it’s practically always dark!

Since my dog and I needed something to make ourselves more visible at night, I was happy to test out the Velcro dog leash reflectors from more info here.

How the leash reflectors work

These Velcro leash reflectors are easy to use. They are two-sided, so you literally just open them up and close them over your dog’s leash or collar. It takes a whole two seconds.

As with any Velcro, there is a rough side and a fuzzy side. The product is made with reflective material approved by the U.S. department of Transportation, according to Gary Castelle, who makes and sells the reflectors.

The reflectors can be placed over any type of strap or pole such as:


a backpack strap

a purse strap

hooded sweatshirt strings


a baseball hat

an umbrella pole


You can also stick the “hook” side of the Velcro to certain types of material such as sweaters or wool hats. They’d be great for anyone who’s out and about in the dark, regardless of whether or not a dog tags along. (Runners, I’m talking to you!)

We need to be seen!

The national safety Council reported that 5,300 pedestrians died in 2009 as a result of being struck by motor vehicles. another 120,000 pedestrians received “medically consulted injuries” when hit by vehicles that year [1].

While we can’t control distracted drivers, we do have some control over making ourselves more visible. We can also make our children and our pets more visible.


I’m a runner, and most of my runs take place early in the morning. federal officials do not track car accidents specifically related to pedestrians who are runners, according to an article by Liz Robbins in Runner’s world magazine [2]. However, through a search of news reports, the magazine found that nearly 20 runners had been killed in the united states by cars or trucks in the first 10 months of 2009.


According to an article by Rick Newman for Parents Magazine [3], nearly 400 kids age 15 and under are hit and killed by automobiles each year. If I were a parent, I would stick a few of these reflectors to my kid’s backpack, coat and hat.


As many as 1.2 million dogs are hit on U.S. roads each year, according to [4]. most of these dogs are hit when they’re chasing a ball or a small animal.

While these accidents are obviously not all linked to visibility after dark, it is certainly a factor at times. Velcro reflectors from are one simple, economical way to make your child, yourself and your dog more visible to drivers.

Why not just buy a reflective leash?

You could, but the great thing about these Velcro leash reflectors is they work on any type of dog leash.

I’m set in my ways, and I’ve used the same 6-foot leather leash since I was 14 years old (I’m now 30). I’m just not going to change. No matter what type of leash you prefer, you can stick these reflectors over it and call it good. even if you insist on using a retractable leash, you can stick the reflectors to the end that’s closest to your dog.

How to order the leash reflectors

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The Velcro leash reflectors from are available online, and there is free shipping on all U.S. orders. If you don’t like the reflectors, you can return them for a full refund for up to 60 days. Ordering options include:

2-sided round Velcro reflectors – $2 each

2-sided rectangular Velcro reflectors – $3 each

strap reflectors – 2 for $5.99

10-pack of Velcro reflectors – $19.99

Reflectors come in red, white and yellow, and custom printing and shapes are also available. You may not need the variety pack, but I recommend you order at least four reflectors. I received four reflectors for this review, and I stuck three to my dog’s leash and one to my backpack.

What’s great about the leash reflectors?


They’re an economical solution to a common problem반사기는 방수가 풍부하고 청소하기 쉽습니다 – 나는 비에서 테스트했습니다.

당신은 그들을 켜거나 끄질 필요가 없습니다 – 배터리 없음

그들은 떨어지지 않을 것입니다 – 나는 달리는 동안 그들을 사용했습니다.

그들은 가볍고 가죽 끈의 무게를 낮추지 않습니다

반사기는 7 년 동안 보장됩니다


그렇게 좋지 않은 것은 무엇입니까?


그들은 조금 끈적 끈적해 보인다 – 나는 낮 동안 내 강아지의 가죽 끈을 벗다.

반사기는 전조등이나 다른 조명이 빛날 때까지 가시성을 높이 지 않습니다.


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